Dark Circle Removal Treatment

What are dark circles under the eyes?

Dark circles under your eyes is most commonly associated with a lack of sleep. They may also be a sign of aging. As the skin around your eyes gets older with time, it tends to become puffy around the eyelids or indented beneath the eyes. Additionally, as your body ages, it loses some of the fat and collagen, which can make the red or blue veins just beneath the skin show through the eyelids.

What causes dark circles under your eyes?

Below are the most common sources for dark circles under your eyes:

  • Allergies
  • Fatigue
  • Dermatitis
  • Cold / sinus infection
  • Heredity
  • Sun exposure
  • Aging

When should I see a doctor for dark circles under my eyes?

If the darkness beneath your eyes continues to worsen over time, or has a negative effect on your self-image or overall wellbeing, it is important to consult with a doctor to determine whether treatment may be recommended. There are numerous treatment options to help reduce the look of dark circles under the eyes, which are quick simple to do.

What are my treatment options for dark circle removal?

At New York Center for Aesthetic Rejuvenation, we provide a number of advanced facial cosmetic treatment options that can help improve the look of your skin tone and help to even out dark circles. Some of the treatments that your doctor may recommend to help reduce your dark circles include:

What does under-eye dark circle removal involve?

The first step to removing dark circles under your eyes is to request a consultation with a cosmetic specialist, who can help you determine the best treatment to fit your needs. At New York Center for Aesthetic Rejuvenation, we spend time listening to the specific aesthetic goals of each patient to formulate a customized treatment plan that will help you bring out your best self and restore your youthful look.

What are the advantages of undergoing dark circle removal treatment at New York Center for Aesthetic Rejuvenation?

The advantages of having dark circle removal treatment at one of our New York City aesthetic rejuvenation centers include the following:

  • Quick, in-office procedure
  • Causes minimal or no pain
  • Improves the appearance of dark circles almost immediately
  • Creates a more youthful overall appearance

If you are interested in Botox or Dysport treatment, the first step to restoring your youthful look and confidence is to schedule a consultation with New York Center for Aesthetic Rejuvenation in New York City. Our specialists are highly experienced in facial rejuvenation treatments and are dedicated to helping you look and feel your best. Call one of our locations or fill out the form on this page to request an appointment today.

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