Labiaplasty Surgery in NYC

What is labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty, also sometimes called labioplasty, labia reduction, or aesthetic vaginal surgery, is a procedure used to reshape the skin that surrounds the vaginal opening. Labiaplasty can repair damage, genital defects, or other labia-related problems that cause discomfort, self-image issues, and sexual dissatisfaction. Commonly used to reshape and/or reduce the size of the labia minora (or the inner lips of the vagina), labiaplasty sometimes also includes labia majora (or the outer lips of the vagina) reduction at the same time. Labiaplasty aims to improve the look and feel of the labia and help restore your sexual confidence.

Choosing to undergo labiaplasty is a personal, private decision, which is why New York Center for Aesthetic Rejuvenation always offers our patients confidential consultations in order to go through the details of the procedure with you and to help you make an informed decision to address your needs and aesthetic goals.

Why is labiaplasty performed?

Often, childbirth or aging cause the labia to change color, size, or shape. Some women find the change to be uncomfortable or cause pain during sex. In other cases, a woman may be unhappy with the look and feel of her labia since a young age.

The most common reasons for undergoing labia minora reduction include:

  • Childbirth damage
  • Age-related changes or damage
  • Congenital defects, such as inter-sex conditions, vaginal atresia, or malformed fallopian tubes or uterus

Who should undergo labiaplasty?

You may be a good candidate for labiaplasty if you are seeking:

  • Repair to enlarged labia. Some patients suffer from enlarged labia, which they were born with or which resulted from aging or childbirth. The enlarged labia may cause discomfort during daily activity or during intercourse. Labiaplasty can restore comfort and improve sexual intercourse.
  • An enhanced sexual experience. You may not feel fully confident in your body and sexuality due to the appearance or feeling of enlarged labia. For these patients, labiaplasty can restore sexual confidence and improve sexual well-being.

What does labiaplasty involve?

Labiaplasty is a relatively minor procedure, which can be done in about two hours. It is generally performed as an outpatient procedure that causes little discomfort.

Surgical labial reduction is usually done under local anesthesia, and aims to do two things:

  1. Correct the deformity or defect in the labia
  2. Refine the area cosmetically, adjusting the proportions of the labia

What are the risks associated with labia reduction / labiaplasty?

As with any surgical procedure, there are certain risks inherent with undergoing the surgery. These will be discussed with you in more detail during your consultation at New York Center for Aesthetic Rejuvenation. Some of the possible risks include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Asymmetry

What are the advantages of undergoing labiaplasty at New York Center for Aesthetic Rejuvenation?

The advantages of undergoing labiaplasty surgery in NYC may include the following:

  • Improved sexual gratification
  • Restored sexual confidence
  • Increased comfort in tight clothing / swimwear
  • Decreased chance for infection due to removal of excess tissue

If you are interested in improving the look and feel of your labia, you may benefit from labiaplasty. The first step to revitalizing and improving your sexual and physical wellness is to schedule a consultation with New York Center for Aesthetic Rejuvenation. Our specialists are highly experienced in vaginal rejuvenation treatments and are dedicated to helping you look and feel your best. Call one of our locations or fill out the form on this page to request an appointment today.

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